100% italian meat

Made from the meat of pigs of the Black Parmesan breed, it is recognizable by the black bristles and hoof nails.

They are pigs raised outdoors and fed on acorns, roots and wild cereals from the undergrowth. The slaughter takes place respecting the psychophysical well-being of the animal, so as not to compromise the quality of the meat which is certified BIO.

Black pig ham is produced in the traditional way, without preservatives, and is cured for over 24 months.

The meat of this ham is red, very marbled, with pink fat.
It gives a great taste sensation when the slice melts in your mouth.
It is an excellent product, of rare goodness.

Whole product with bone:
- price: 
67,60 €/kg
- weight: 10,120 kg




684.10€ (VAT Included)

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