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Black Pig Coppa


Coppa or Capocollo of fine black pig
100% italian meat
registered trademark®: Peveri Black

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The Parma black pig Coppa stands out for the organoleptic uniqueness of its delicate flavor, which we obtain by feeding our animals a very special diet and by free-range grazing.
This artisan process starts from selecting the best cuts, that is, the cervical muscles of the pig. The meat is deboned and its basic flavors are enriched by a distinctive blend of spices and herbs that intensify the tasting experience.

The traditional processing of the Piacenza Coppa deserves particular attention, being this of considerable size; it is followed by an optimal aging period of about one year. Such length aids the development of the natural micro-climate which characterizes our cellars.

This very nutritious cured meat, when sliced, shows a pleasant chromatic balance between lean and fat parts. When tasted, the experience is as pleasant.

It adds a deliciously unique touch to your plate of appetizers and it looks particularly inviting on a bruschetta: a tasty crown jewel to your Italian dinner party or a nutritious snack.

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