The shop

It is a shrine where body and soul come together to produce the best traditional salume. Unique for their flavour and high nutritional values.

The family roots are deeply set in their business and are closely tied to their origin, tradition and love for the homeland.
They have made an art of hospitality through the centuries, offering a meeting place for wayfarers and pilgrims, where they can savour special salumi and where gourmets can delight their senses with the "treasures" from the cellar.
It is surrounded by the padded atmosphere of an antique casket, a closely safeguarded legacy
from the past. A silent witness to the passing of time embracing everything to unfold the true taste of the noble and antique profession that is the "Art of salume making".


from Monday to Saturday
from 8.30am to 12.00pm
from 14.30pm to 7.00 pm

Sunday will be opened on request by sending an email to

Special openings

June- Tied to the Abbey for the floral event the store is open every Sunday.
June 22nd Corpus Domini you will find our products for sale in the stand in the cloister of the Abbey.

December Open all Sunday mornings.