D.O.P. Parma Ham, with an unmistakable sweet and refined flavor, is produced on the hills of the Parma’s province.

During its production only salt is added, in fact it is processed without preservatives, without additives and without chemicals. D.O.P. Parma Ham maintains its characteristic deep red color thanks to a long seasoning that allows the product to release all its aromas. It is known all over the world for its fragrance and high nutritional value.

The Consortium of D.O.P. Parma Ham supervises the processing and the choice of the Italian raw material, so that the production disciplinary is respected.

Whole boneless vacuum packed product:
- price: € 24.50 / kg
- weight: 9.30 kg 



227.00€ (VAT Included)

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Product variants

  • PROS-PR03
    Parma Ham (half, boneless)


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