100% italian meat 

Classic Ham has always been one of the best known and most appreciated cured meats in the world, both for its organoleptic qualities and for its excellent nutritional values.

The character of this ham depends on the production method and the specific microclimate in which it is cured.

In the production, only legs of Italian pigs are chosen, processed in the traditional way and preserved exclusively with salt, in fact no preservatives and chemicals are added.

Excellent to try both with sweet combinations (the famous "ham and melon" is known), and with savory ones.

-seasoned over 22 months-

Available in the following formats:

- whole, boned and vacuum-packed: price € 19.00 €/kg, weights approx 10 kg

- half, boneless and vacuum packed: price € 19.80 €/kg, weights approx 4,1kg

- quarter, boneless and vacuum packed: price € 19.80 €/kg, weights approx 2,4kg

 (for more information regarding the weight of the products, which is variable, contact us at the e-mail address: info@salumificiopevericarlo.com)



190.00€ (VAT Included)

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Product variants

    Classic Ham (half, boneless)


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    Classic Ham (a quarter, boneless)


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