30 July 2021

Free "Peveri" linen cloth on every order

From today 30/07/2021 until 15/08/2021 on every order placed online you will receive a Peveri branded linen or cotton cloth.


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9 June 2021

Coppa Piacentina D.O.P. in promotion (-15%)

We remind you of the promotion of -15% on the Coppa Piacentina D.O.P. until 06/30/2021.
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Salumi production

The quality of our products stems from a path that begins with the careful selection of first choice ingredients to be worked, with care and craftsmanship, to give life to a proposal that can offer the most genuine flavor to every palate. From classic salamis to products with the DOP certification mark, to the exquisite flavored proposals and to the gastronomic preparations, the Salumificio Peveri carries forward, from generation to generation, the best Emilian tradition and enriches the table with delicious products of excellent nutritional value.

In our E-shop we tell the exquisite goodness of a wide and diversified production of typical cured meats made with care and craftsmanship. Expression of an organoleptic excellence that brings back to the value of the flavours of the tradition of our land. All our cured meats are made available for sale online in a detailed catalog that illustrates their value and every other informational feature, making their purchase accessible and simplified.

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